Contents & 3D Experiences

Engaging, informative, interactive and fun digital content.
Infinite new stories to tell.

We transform your information & messages into 3D content that engages your audiences, attracts
attention and sharing.


We listen to your needs, and propose a mechanic as well as an inspiring and engaging story.


Our proprietary technologies are made available to the content to provide a unique experience.


We broadcast the experience on all screens, in real time: Web & Mobile, social networks, embedding, events, living space screens.

Immersive and interactive digital 3D experiences for...

Immerse in 3D

Offer to discover your key messages & information in an immersive, 3D, aesthetic and interactive experience. From the event to the Web & Mobile experiential site, our creations can be deployed on all your media.

Sublimate your figures & data

Transform your figures, data and statistics into 3D, aesthetic, figurative graphics that everyone can understand. Your graphs will never look the same again. And if you have a real-time flow, we can offer you digital experiences that evolve with that flow, on all your screens.

Personalised content

Via a WebApp provided turnkey, offer digital experiences that provides true personalized information for each of your targets. Once the experience is discovered, the user can share it in video on all social networks, and discover a personalized selection of products.

To make play, to amuse

Let your message be discovered through a playful experience, created with an original aesthetic and innovative gameplay. 

Transform & update reality

In augmented reality or virtual reality, offer your audiences the opportunity to discover your brand by immersing themselves in it in subjective mode.

Exportable in video and iFrame on all your screens

Our technology exports 3D creations for all your social networks. But also: retail, outdoor advertising, digital signage, web, mobile, social networks and live platform (Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitch...).

For all your communication

"Bright's creation represented our social media data in a visually appealing way. A creation that was noticed by our group members for being beautiful, innovative and useful."
"Bright understood our needs perfectly and had the ability to create incredible bridges between our technology and art. They helped us create impactful experiences by bringing Twitter data to life. While keeping an original approach and a sense of aesthetics. "
"Bright produced a generative creation customized by each of our influencers' data, allowing them to creatively and aesthetically evangelize our connected object on social networks."
"Bright was able to put all their knowledge of generative design to good use. The project we entrusted them with for Orange enabled them to produce an original and unprecedented operation, all in record time. We sincerely recommend working with the Bright team."
"Bright delivered a magnificent digital piece of artwork, which allowed us to tell a new page of history about our brand. Thanks to the deployment of their multi-media artwork, we used their creation for an event and for our digital communication."


The creations evolve in real time in physical spaces (outdoor screens, offices, shopping malls...) but also on your laptop to mobile, Youtube/Facebook Live.

Real Time

Most of the creations generated by Bright are real-time: they evolve based on data or interactions. And they can engage your communities every second.

Future x Art x Design

Bright's community of artists and designers is inventing new uses for technology and new aesthetics for new stories. We've worked with about 50 artists.


For digital campaigns or events, corporate communications or spaces, Bright's experiences are generated by your community or guests, to federate them collectively.


Our productions are not only aesthetically pleasing, they include information and data intelligently inserted into cutting-edge visuals.
Data is the vehicle of your communication message.


For a single location or thousands, our patented cloud-based generation tools make it easy to distribute creations for networks of spaces. We can broadcast on all your screens, in real time.

Innovative, creative
and inspiring experiences

All projects

The satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself...

Patrice Chazottes

Associate Director - Centre Pompidou

Every month, Bright provides us with digital creations for all our screens. Getting the content up and running has been very simple. Working with Bright has been a great experience.

Jean-François Allin

Deputy communications manager - ENEDIS

We entrusted bright with the project of revealing the new ENEDIS brand. A new way of representing digital data. Bright was able to understand us perfectly and translate our ambitions by proposing creative approaches that corresponded perfectly to our universe.

Laurent Buanec

Director brand strategy - EMEA Twitter

Bright understood our needs perfectly and had the ability to create incredible bridges between our technology and art. They helped us create impactful experiences by bringing Twitter data to life. While keeping an original approach and a sense of aesthetics.

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